Waving goodbye
to THE traditional


TFest is a bold event concept that waves goodbye to the traditional trade show. It began with a simple question: Why haven’t tradeshows evolved? And from there, we began to question everything, from the impersonality of it to the exhaustion and everything in between. Instead, we wanted to maximise joy, connections, and choice. Enter, a new, vibrant format.

At Private Luxury Events, we’ve been challenging the traditional since day one. Being bold is in our DNA and with 180+ events under our belt, we’ve become leaders in the hospitality and travel industries and experts in building trusting relationships that lead to quality business.

We don’t stop, so watch this space. Things are about to be shaken up.

Chapter I: Gathering

We united the luxury travel industry for the first Chapter of TFest, a show unlike any other, using technology to create better connections and a unique, personalised format.

Chapter II: Rising

TFest Chapter II retook the industry by storm; a celebration of the industry’s power to rise and a reflection of the bright future we are reaching for.

Chapter III: Calling

TFest Chapter III was a time of transformation. We united with a common goal, to change ourselves, our community, and our world for the better.

Chapter IV: VOYAGE

TFest Chapter IV took us to discover a new, spiritually-charged destination. We embarked on a Voyage to find and fulfil our purpose, charting a new course with our inner compass as our guide, and discovering how to evolve as humans and as a community.