Our PURPOSE is to create a more connected world

It’s time that trade shows change for good

TFest was born out of a mission to create a more connected world, where genuine and lasting relationships are made in a truly joyful environment.

Our vision is to be the industry leader in sustainability conversation by 2030, changing behaviours and creating solutions to inspire our industry.

OUR Pillars

TFest has been built on a foundation of values that is imbedded in all our actions. We push boundaries, challenge the norm, and consciously connect who we are with what we do.

For the bold

Strike out of your comfort zone – that’s where the adventure awaits. Take some risks, because it’s worth the reward.

For the open-minded

Engage, listen & collaborate – welcome new ideas. Join in and let your voice be heard. Try something new.

For the authentic spirit

Be comfortable, be casual, leave your business persona behind and let the real you out – we’re humans first, businesspeople second.

For the grateful heart

Recognise and appreciate all the little experiences that connect us and enrich our lives.

For the future

Take an active approach to being conscious in travel; preserving our earth for ourselves, our businesses, and the next generation.

For a better you

Begin your journey of transformation.