Thierry Cassagnaud: Tomorrow's memories are being designed today

June 24, 2020

Thierry Cassagnaud was born in Morocco and is the adopted child of Provence de Pagnol.

He has 30 years of passionate experience in the world of safaris, travel and islands in Africa, Asia, the Americas and the southern lands.

Tetiaroa private island, French Polynesia

Describe a typical day

From the moment I was born, I have been trying to perfect the art of doing nothing. I have become quite the master. You cannot imagine how much time it takes to be a pro. My days are full.

The Brando, Tetiaroa, French Polynesia

Villa at The Brando, Tetiaroa, French Polynesia

What does luxury mean to you these days?

Luxury, in a world of 7 billion people, is being moved by the miracle of nature. And meeting people who are ready to share all they have, when they have nothing.

What has luxury taught you?

Money is useless when you have a tear rolling down your cheek.

Nihi Sumba, Sumba, Indonesia

Villa at Nihi Sumba, Sumba, Indonesia

Villa at Nihi Sumba, Sumba, Indonesia

How has technology changed your business?

Mankind has always followed technology. A long time ago, it meant fire, and a bucket to go to the river, the wheel. Now we have social networks, and everybody wants to be seen. Is it progress? I do not know, but I am happy to chat with friends or my family when I am lost somewhere in the world.

Ongave Lodge, Etosha National Park, Namibia

How have your clients’ needs changed?

In our tiny luxury segment, clients are expecting us to be different and inventive, flexible and devoted to quality and services. To be linked to nature, environment, local people. To be smiley and positive. Because we are craftsmen, and the memories of tomorrow are being designed today.

What do you want people to know about you?

“He accomplished tremendous efforts but needs to go further to look thinner.”

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