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May 26, 2020

In many difficult times throughout history, we have always seen people band together in solidarity.

Age, wealth, race, religion, politics and all the things that make us who we are as individuals, seem to matter less, and the fact that we are all human, and in this world together, begins to matter more.

The Coronavirus pandemic is shutting down national economies, while also causing illness and death; but despite the fear and uncertainty we’re currently facing, a silver lining has emerged: people want to help.

At Secrets of India, we’ve been focusing our efforts on helping our community in this time of need by taking care of the less privileged - those who don't have a comfortable home to isolate themselves in, those who don't have a regular income, those whose lives will be shattered.

It’s heart-breaking to think of the devastation that they’re facing. We have committed to help care take of 750 such families, and share what we have with those who have none.

We hope that by sharing our efforts it inspires people to do whatever they can in their communities and helps them realize that we can all get through this together.

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