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May 13, 2020

When the decision was made to temporarily close hotel and restaurant operations, Oriana.Berlin was left with plenty of provisions, including a full fridge and lots of fresh food.

We decided to use it in the best way possible: to support the homeless who are living through these challenging times out on the streets.

Many of Berlin’s care facilities for the homeless have had to close. Night cafés and soup kitchens have stopped operating due to the Corona crisis; and, with everybody at home, there are fewer passers-by to offer help.

We asked our grocery suppliers Hamberger and Deutsche See to support us with as much food as possible and we began cooking over 800 meals a week for the Berliner homeless aid association Berliner Obdachlosenhilfe e.V.

Using our hashtag ‘sharepaket’, we started a campaign on Instagram, asking other restaurants in Berlin to take part and join us in this project. We can see how big the need is, and our hope is that many others will join in to care for those who don’t have the resources to care for themselves.

Apart from this somewhat serious initiative, we wanted to have some fun too! Our resident mixologist put together some delicious cocktails, including a ‘Quarantini’, which we put up on our Instagram Story with a recipe and method for viewers to follow easily at home. And we didn’t leave pets out either – our recipe for dog biscuits make a lovely treat for your favourite furry pal.

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