Panos Spiropoulos: Creating future memories

May 4, 2020

Seez Travel aims to be a pioneer in the industry, combining innovation and a love for travel with a personal, consistent and transparent service approach.

They work only with trusted suppliers, offering a product that is both competitive and unique.

Halkidiki, Greece

What does luxury mean to you?

Due to the demanding daily lives of our clients and their loaded schedules, the trips they take with their families and loved ones are among their bigger investments.

They can book any property in the world, but what they can’t buy are the experiences, pampering and personalised input an experienced travel designer can provide.

Therefore, what luxury means to us is to be able, according to each client’s profile and preference, to be proactive, thoughtful and make sure that what they are paying for is the memories they will take back home with them.

We provide the inspiration for the experience by understanding and providing what they need.

Villa Alabaster, Mykonos

What trends are you seeing in luxury travel?

Since clients already have access to information on properties and experiences, what they need from us is off-the-beaten-track options, undiscovered boutique hotels and private places. We also notice more demand for independent hotels compared to brands, and of course a big increase in last-minute trips.

Amirandes Resort, Crete

What has your job taught you?

That the best product is not necessarily the most expensive one. What you should invest in is not the product itself — the outlets of one hotel or the size of their suites — but the people and how they understand the ideas of service and collaboration.

Spetses, Greece

How are you changing with the times?

We are used to working outside the box, and speed and flexibility is one of our advantages, so we were already ready for this change.

Of course, we travel more and attend more shows than before in order to enrich our product, and we also focus on an even stronger personalised service

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