Melida Weber: A bespoke experience

May 28, 2020

The Edge is located at the peak of the towering Uluwatu sea cliffs, overlooking the deep blue waters of the Indian Ocean.

With eight opulent ocean-view, private villas and unparalleled facilities, ‘living life on the edge’ takes on new meaning.

Describe your business in 5 words

Spectacular oceanfront villas of opulence.

The Edge, Bali

What’s trending in your destination?

Beach clubs, luxury villas and hotels, weddings from China, Instagrammable venues. We are seeing more American luxury travellers.

The luxury market is changing. How are you adapting your offering?

We are continuously adapting for our guests – from what we offer in the villas to the services we offer and the facilities we provide.

Tropical floating breakfast, The Edge, Bali

Have your demographics changed?

Our guests for the villas are Chinese, Australian, Indonesian (domestic), and Korean. The demographics have shifted slightly.


What is the most unique offering you provide?

Aside from service, a sky pool with a glass bottom that’s 162 metres above the ocean.

Sky pool at Oneeighty° Clifftop Day Club, The Edge, Bali

What does luxury mean to you?

A bespoke experience where one needs to ask for nothing.

What has working in the luxury industry taught you?

To be ready for anything and prepared to deliver everything.

The Ocean - two-bedroom villa at The Edge, Bali

What emerging trends do you think will shake up the industry?  

I don’t see them shaking up the industry. Instead, I see our ever-changing industry adapting and forecasting these trends.

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