Kusmaya Sari Dewi: Comfort, convenience and excitement

May 13, 2020

Kusmaya Sari Dewi is a Sales Manager for AYANA Hotel’s Japan and Greater China markets.

She recently won the Quarter Canon and Zeitgeist Award for 3rd Quarter of 2019 at AYANA Resort and Spa, BALI in the Leader category.

Describe your business in 5 words

A world-class destination resort.

The luxury market is changing. How are you adapting your offering?

Luxury consumer behaviour is changing from ‘having’ to ‘being ’and nowadays, experiences are increasingly valued as much as the products.

So, as one of the biggest players in Bali's luxury market, we adapt by focusing on guest experiences which are in line with the products we are offering.

By having a lot of signature experiences which guests can only experience at our resort, it will give some plus points in adapting to the changes.

Extravaganza Dinner, AYANA Resort and Spa, Bali

Who are your guests? Have your demographics changed, or have they stayed the same?

East Asia and Domestic. Yes, demographics are changing slightly, and we plan to adapt to it by accommodating a more diverse market at our resort.

What’s trending in your destination?

Visiting Bali's top tourist destinations is a timeless travel trend in Bali, as well as the vast options of luxury hotels now available.

Some of the more 'Instagrammable' places, which are often and popularly visited by tourists are Pura Lempuyang in Karangasem, Bali Swings, the waterfalls, Tree House in Karangasem and the Hot Springs.

Tegalalang Rice Terrace Swing, Bali

What emerging trends do you think will shake up the industry?

The continued growth of social media and digital marketing are the most emerging trends as we speak and have such a huge impact on the industry.

What does luxury mean to you?

To me, luxury is that level of service and comfort that makes me feel special. To feel happy being away from home, while also feeling comfortable when travelling for business allows me to relax on holiday.

It's the bed that gives me a great night's sleep, the meal that delights my taste buds, and the service that makes me think WOW.

Rock Bar, AYANA Resort and Spa, Bali

What has working in the luxury market taught you?

Working in the luxury market has taught me how important it is to tailor the service of our brand to meet our customer's high expectations.  

It's true that fulfilling these preferences can be very challenging at times, yet it is also very exciting to execute an order to make sure that guest satisfaction is achieved.

What excites you about the travel industry?

The travel industry is really the world’s largest industry when you add all the parts of it, and it’s embedded and enmeshed with every sector in the world.

It is now truly the growth centre of the world. The travel industry, and the people who work in it, are also the most progressive manifestation of human curiosity.

AYANA Resort and Spa, Bali

What do you value most when you travel?

Comfort, convenience, experience and excitement.

I always have butterflies in my stomach and sleepless nights when my travelling dates are getting closer; the excitement for what I will experience and see makes my endorphins increase significantly.

Pink Beach, Komodo Island, Indonesia

How do you make sustainable choices in your work and personal life?

Work: We have been reducing plastic usage by using refillable bottles and water dispensers in the back office area, having 'Eco Washer' toilets installed, using recycled water for plants and our watering system, food waste separation into organic and inorganic, and a partnership with local communities for organic waste food to be given away to local pig farms.

Recently, we have involved our guests in our Eco-Program which allows them to choose whether or not their towel will be replaced during housekeeping and also by placing eco signage on the bed which means that the bedsheets won’t be changed.

These simple initiatives help to save water and reduce detergent usage.

Personal life: By using eco refillable bottles for water consumption, separating waste into organic and inorganic, not using AC during day time to reduce electricity usage and CO2, letting my hair dry naturally to reduce CO2 formation from the hair dryer, and grow lots of plants in my front yard for better CO2 absorption.

Ocean Beach Pool, AYANA Resort and Spa, Bali

What is the single most unique offering you provide to travellers?

The Only Fully Integrated Resort on the Island. Or Bali's Only Fully Integrated Resort.

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