Amanda Syrowatka: Off-the-beaten-path experiences

March 6, 2020

Amanda moved to the travel industry from her career as a forensic accounting professional to work for her family hotel, Viceroy Bali.

She has honed her skills as Director of Sales & Marketing whilst living in Bali and engaging proactively with the luxury travel industry over the last 6 years.

Describe your property in 5 words

Serene, luxurious, magical, beautiful, inspiring!

The Spa, Viceroy Bali

The luxury market is changing. How are you adapting your offering?

I believe the luxury market is changing to better suit properties like Viceroy Bali – family owned and operated, boutique and luxury. We will continue to do what we have always done: create a sustainable luxury oasis that does not follow any particular trend or fashion.

Of course, we are cognisant of the fact that millennials are growing up and their spending power is increasing in the luxury market, so hotel products will also need to keep adapting to cater to a shifting clientele.

Bali, Indonesia

Who are your guests?

Our guests come from all over the world. However, our top three markets are the USA, UK, and Japan. Our largest market, the US, still only makes up 17% of our total guests so we have a good, even mix.

We’ve purposely pushed our sales and marketing efforts this way, so that if one market collapses, it doesn’t detrimentally affect the operation of the hotel.

What’s trending in your destination?

Off-the-beaten-track experiences. However, unfortunately these eventually become well-known and part of the ‘trodden path’. Bali has endless hidden treasures – small villages, waterfalls and cultural experiences – so it's about knowing the right ones and keeping them secret!

Tibumana Waterfall, Bali

What trends do you think will shake up the industry?

I think 2020 will see a more dramatic shift towards sustainable and purposeful travel to destinations than it has in the last few years.

It would be wrong to underestimate the importance of environmental and social sustainability in your local community as a factor when luxury travellers are choosing their accommodation.

Hotels need to keep an eye on this, even though it may seem like all hype and buzzwords.

What does luxury mean to you?

Luxury means an average guest feels and perceives the luxury in everything around them – service, design and facilities. It's the nuances and little details that matter, rather than being able to point out specific designer amenities, or a famous architect.

Private Dining at Viceroy Bali

What excites you about the travel industry?

The travel industry is the largest growing industry on the planet. A huge portion of the world's population works in or will be working in hospitality and tourism as borders start to mean less, and other industries become automated.

We are here to provide a window into another place, another culture, another experience. That’s important in shaping who people are and how they understand the world around them.

A villa at Viceroy Bali

What do you value most when you travel?

From a hotel, I value a well-designed room – from the latest technology to the location of power points and light switches. You'd be amazed at how many five-star properties don't get the basics right to make the experience enjoyable for travellers.

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